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My name is Marisol Cordero-Goodman, I am an attorney who guides my clients to discover what kind of legacy they aspire to leave behind, what kind of values they wish to impart to love ones, family members and/or business partners. I meld my legal expertise in estate planning, estate administration and corporate formation with real life issues.

I strive to empower my clients to make informed and impactful decisions about their quality of life, distribution of assets to love ones, on whom to bestow financial and health decision making powers, and how to implement their legacy before and after death. I strive to listen to my clients’ wishes, desires and fears and provide my clients with caring and effective counsel.

As a nurse, I have frequently referred other medical professionals to Marisol. Those who have utilized her services have reported back to me how pleased they are with her legal services, her integrity and her thoroughness.

Denise Samuelson R.N.


Estate Planning:

Estate Planning can have a lasting effect on you and your family by providing a plan for the distribution of your assets upon your death. This plan can provide a sense of security and structure for your love ones and ease the burden while they are grieving.

Estate and Trust Administration:

Estate and Trust administration involves gathering the assets and paying the debts of the decedent then distributing the remainder of their property according to their wishes as expressed in their estate planning documents. This may or may not include probate (filing documents with the court).

Corporate Formation/Planning:

Corporate planning involves selecting a business entity after taking into consideration the purpose of a business, tax considerations, ownership control, management, and mitigation of liability and risk involved. In selecting your business entity you should always consult with an attorney to ensure you are selecting the right entity for you.

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